Mark Cuban has choice words for MLB, Selig

Thursday night on ;’The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno on NBC, Mark Cuban voiced his opinions on one of the biggest controversies in sports.

And the Dallas Mavericks owner didn’t mince words.

When Leno asked Cuban if Alex Rodriguez’s suspension (currently under appeal) was fair, the Mavericks owner didn’t shy away from the question at all.

“Horrible. I think it’s disgraceful what Major League Baseball is trying to do to him.” Cuban said. “Not that he doesn’t deserve to be suspended, he does. But they have policies in place: first-time offender 50 games, second time a 100. 214 games? That’s personal.”

Cuban thinks MLB commissioner Bud Selig is behind the “personal” suspension and recounted his own run-in with big, bad Bud when he attempted to purchase the Texas Rangers in 2010.

“My experiences with Major League Baseball. It’s basically become Bud Selig’s mafia,” Cuban said. “He runs it the way he wants to run it. When I was trying to buy the Rangers, it was an open auction. I sat in there with my good, hard-earned money trying to bid and they did everything possible to keep me from buying the team. They had lawyers in there trying to change the rules; they had people trying to put up more money. For him to come out and attack A-Rod the way he did and do something totally outside the rules.”

The reason Cuban believes he was blocked from purchasing the Rangers? He thinks he is too opinionated for the MLB commissioner.

“It’s not like he called me and called me a jerk,” Cuban told Leno. “The way I run the Mavericks, I try to do what’s best for the fans, I try to do what’s best for the team, I try to do what’s best for the league. And if I disagree with the commissioner every now and then, I’m not going to back down. Obviously, Bud Selig does not like to be tested. He does not like anybody to stand up to him.”

Cuban stated there is no proof that HGH helps with professional athletes, believing there is more to the manhunt for PED users in MLB than meets the eye.

“This is more about Bud Selig trying to flex his muscles and say look, ‘If you don’t kiss the ring, I’m going to take care of you and kick you out of Major League Baseball,’ and I think that’s wrong.”

One thing that is obvious out Cuban’s interview with Leno, Selig probably won’t be on the Mavericks owner’s invite list for any parties he will be hosting.