Manziel stars in new country music video

Let’s say you were a native Texan and you learned to sing and play guitar and you wanted everybody to know that you were just a good ol’ Texas country boy who loved good ol’ Texas stuff.

Chances are, your name would be something like Granger Smith, and you’d write a song called something like “Silverado Bench Seat,” and when it came time to shoot a music video, you’d find a Texas-based quarterback with a name like Johnny and you’d put him in that video.

Well, this is not a hypothetical. This is real life. There is a real Texas country artist who is really named Granger Smith and who really wrote a song called “Silverado Bench Seat” and who really put Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend, model Sarah Savage, in the music video.

Manziel isn’t the only football player in it — former A&M receiver Ryan Swope, now of the Arizona Cardinals makes a cameo appearance too, but it’s another larger-than-life moment for the reigning Heisman winner and Texas native, whose musical relationships heretofore have trended more toward hip-hop that Texas country. He counts rapper Wale among his friends. 

“It goes right alongside what he’s been doing,” Smith told USA Today. “He’s entered the pop culture like no A&M quarterback ever has; rarely has any college quarterback entered the pop culture. I think at first it made everyone nervous: ‘How’s this gonna pan out? Is he gonna end up in trouble somewhere?’ But I think we’ve all embraced his personality. This is just him, how he embraces life to the fullest.”