Longhorns Ash sympathizes with rival Manziel

It was bound to happen.

With a storied history as the Aggies vs. the Longhorns, it’s only natural that the starting quarterback of the University of Texas at Austin would be asked about the starting quarterback of their instate rival.

But in this case, one part of that statement happens to be Johnny Manziel. And at this current time, everybody has an opinion about Johnny Football.

So, it was bound to happen because it’s the Aggies vs. the Longhorns or because it is simply because of Johnny Manziel, but on Monday, Longhorn QB David Ash was asked his opinions on the situation in College Station.

Unlike fellow Longhorn Ricky Williams, who called out Manziel in a television interview, Ash showed sympathy towards the rival.

“That’s a tough question. But, you know, my answer is ‘By the grace of God.'” Ash said to a television reporter while fielding questions. “I don’t know Johnny Manziel personally, but I do know that college football players are regular people, and they have their problems, just like everybody else. And Johnny Manziel, he seems like a nice guy. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of things that can go wrong in your life. And probably not very many people are interested to know what that is, or what’s going on. Johnny, I just wish him the best. He’s a great football player.

On paper, Ash and Manziel seem to be polar opposites, especially on a stat sheet. Ash was raised in a strict religious household with no TV. He doesn’t tweet and never had a sip of alcohol, he claims. It seems there’s a new report everyday over something Manziel has tweeted or where he was last seen partying.

But Ash insists he has his demons, too.

“For me, it’s only by the grace of God I haven’t taken that path. I’ve been blessed with great parents. I’ve been blessed with a great community in Austin. I have my problems, just like Johnny Manziel. Somehow, I keep them from you guys.”

It’s great that Austin has had a positive influence on David Ash. The fans probably reciprocate the mutual love. Then again, given the last few seasons, Longhorn fans may be ready to trade in a subpar, squeaky-clean quarterback for a controversial Heisman winner.