Lin worried about another foe more than the Thunder?

At a time when Jeremy Lin should be focusing on Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder, a glimpse at his Twitter page shows that Lin, like millions of people around the world right now, is spending plenty of time screaming at his iPhone.

“Ive been stuck on level 147 of candy crush for an entire week,” Lin tweeted this weekend. “I even had a dream about disco ball and candy wrappers…#addicted”

Lin is referring to Candy Crash, the insanely popular handheld app.

The internet is filled with pages, stories and communities discussing people’s addictions to Candy Crush.

An article appeared on BuzzFeed this week that explained 12 stages of Candy Crush addiction, which included anticipation, despair, shame, anger and paranoia.

At least Lin has a playoff basketball game on Sunday to take his mind off Candy Crush for a few hours.

But he might want to put down his phone a little bit before taking the court. A quick look at the Candy Crush Wikipedia page shows that “psychologists point out that possible mental impacts include depression, hot temper and anxiety if they spend a long time playing or have been stuck on a level too long.”

Of course, if you are friends with Lin on Facebook, you could send him some lives to help him get past level 147.