Lance Armstrong ‘just layin’ around’ at home

When Lance Armstrong is just lying around the house and there just happens to be someone there to take a picture of Lance Armstrong just lying around the house, Lance Armstrong lies around in the part of the house where all of his Tour de France yellow jerseys are hanging on the wall.

The Austin cyclist, who had his Tour de France titles officially taken away after he was ruled to have been doping while he won them, tweeted the photo of himself over the weekend. The United States Anti-Doping Agency called it the most sophisticated doping operation in the history of the sport.

But Armstrong never has been one to go down without a fight. He did beat cancer, after all, and he vigorously defended himself against the doping accusations for years, even as public opinion gradually pushed against him.

It had been a quiet month or so in Armstrong news, but on Monday he also cut formal ties with Livestrong. His career as a cyclist is over, and his reputation has been smashed, but he’ll be darned if he’s not going to remind everybody that he won those races, whether we want to remember it that way or not.

“Back in Austin and just layin’ around …,” he tweeted at @lancearmstrong.