Johnny Manziel ready to leave Texas A&M?

If you look at Johnny Manziel's short-lived tweet, it seems the Aggie QB is ready to move on.

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) June 16, 2013

Take a walk in Manziel's shoes?

One would have to think that people would be lining up for the chance to walk in Johnny Football's shoes, especially since those shoes have been to the Super Bowl, Pebble Beach, Cabo, San Diego and the NBA Finals ... just to name a few places ... over the last six months.

Due to the pressure and celebrity of winning the Heisman Trophy, it was revealed during the banquet for the Davey O'Brien Trophy that Manziel was not on campus during the spring semester at Texas A&M and was instead taking all of his classes on-line.

This is not the first time that Manziel has had issues with social media.  Manziel previously quit Twitter back in March because of all of the negativity that was being sent his way due to his lifestyle that was being depicted ... tweet-by-tweet, Instagram picture-by-Instagram picture ... online.

That self imposed ban last three weeks.

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