JJ Watt wants to sack Friday Night Lights quarterback

If you can remember all the way back to when Friday Night Lights was
movie about a non-fiction book about a high school football team in
west Texas, then maybe you can empathize with J.J. Watt on this. 

He really didn’t like the quarterback from Dallas Carter. 

came up with what it is describing as the definitive list of movie
quarterbacks, and it asked Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt which
one he’d most like to sack. 

“The guy from Dallas Carter High in the Friday
Night Lights
 movie,” he said. “I’d hit him so hard, it’d knock the sucker right out of his coach’s mouth. Go, MOJO!”

both the book and movie, Dallas Carter was depicted as this cocky
big-city school whose players were more or less
given carte blanche in the halls of the high school. The school that
inspired the book, Odessa Permian, lost to Carter in the 1988 Class 5A
state semifinals.

Watt also took a swipe at Rudy when
asked if there were any movie QBs he’d have trouble sacking. 

None,” he said. “I can tell you who I wouldn’t
have trouble with: the Georgia Tech QB in 
Rudy. He seemed to go down pretty easy.”

Watt also added he’d choose Jennifer Aniston as a co-star if he ever landed a movie role. 

“Franchise pick,” he said.

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