Jimmy Johnson: Cowboys have talent, but depth an issue

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson joined Troy Aikman, John Lynch and Randy Moss for a Wednesday conference call to kickoff the 2013 NFL season on FOX.

I asked the four analysts how they think the Cowboys look entering a new season.

Here’s Johnson’s response:

“For the last three or four years I’ve kind of gone out on a limb, saying that the Cowboys were going to go deep into the playoffs. And I’ve been sincere with it. I felt that way. But like a lot of fans, I’ve been disappointed the last few years.

“I think they have the front-line talent. I think the problem they have is going to be depth on their football team, and injuries. If their front line talent can stay healthy, just like a couple years ago with DeMarco Murray, his injury obviously really hurt the football team.

“I think if they stay healthy, I think they can make a run at it. Right now, I think that division is up for grabs. I think Washington, the Giants and the Cowboys, any one of the three could win it. But I don’t think the division overall is as strong as what it’s been in past years. I think it’s up for grabs.”

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