Jerry Jones passed on Manziel because ‘no QB beats out Romo’

The Dallas Cowboys still owe Tony Romo a lot of money and Jerry Jones views him as the franchise quarterback "for several years to come."

Drafting a quarterback like Johnny Manziel in the first round simply didn’t make sense at this time.

With that said, it had to be difficult for Jones to pass on Manziel when the Cowboys were on the clock Thursday night.

Jones said it was not. Drafting Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin was the "obvious football decision," Jones said.

"Frankly, it was not even a thought," he added. "The fact that we got Romo more production with that quality of player, took any of the positives (away from drafting Manziel). There’s no way any quarterback comes in here and beats out Tony Romo. We know that.

"The fact Martin was there mitigated any consideration or any thinking about going with Johnny."