Jerry Jones: Benching Romo ‘not practical’

Tony Romo has thrown more interceptions than any other NFL quarterback through the first eight weeks of the season. Some probably believe the Cowboys’ starting quarterback should be benched.

But it’s not that simple. Romo’s turnovers haven’t all been solely his fault, and there is no guarantee backup quarterback Kyle Orton would have better results with the same group.

There’s not a clear determination of what it would take for head coach Jason Garrett to bench Romo. Despite Romo’s nine interceptions in his last two games at Cowboys Stadium, the Cowboys’ owner, general manager, executive vice president and head coach all publicly have supported him, so it appears Romo is not close to being replaced in the starting lineup.

“Tony is a starting quarterback and a quarterback that the team, candidly, is built around, (and it’s) about as indispensable of a situation as you can (have),” Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “And it is not practical to say, ‘We’re going to bench you.’ That usually isn’t practical. You can look at teams that are dealing with that right now, publicly. So what do you do? You work from within.

“I’ve lived a life to where I’ve always worked for myself, and I’ve been fortunate because that’s what I wanted to do. Well, then you don’t fire yourself, or otherwise, get out of business. What you do is look in the mirror and make changes within the mirror. And that’s doable.”

Romo has thrown 13 interceptions this season, three more than he tossed all of last year. His career high is 19, which came in 2007, his first full season as a starter.