Jaworski: Cowboys can’t win without Romo

As usual on a Monday morning national sports radio show, the Monday night football game is a topic of interest.
With that being the case the morning before the Cowboys face the Bears at Cowboys Stadium, the Mike & Mike in the Morning show spoke with a few NFL experts to preview the game.
The panel of guests included former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski, former Bears coach and Cowboys tight end Mike Ditka and former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter. And while Tony Romo was mentioned by all three, Jaworski had the boldest of opinions, suggesting the Cowboys would go 0-16 without Romo and his elusiveness in the pocket.
“For the Dallas Cowboys, they would not win a game if they did not have Tony Romo at quarterback,” Jaworski said on 103.3 [KESN-FM]. “For all those people that are Tony Romo haters, if you watch this guy play the game, you would appreciate him a lot more. The offensive line has not been very good. I call him the eraser. He just covers up for all the mistakes the offensive line makes.
“He makes play, after play, after play under duress. He’s tough. He doesn’t make a whole lot of mistakes. He makes mistakes because they’re forced.”
Ditka called Romo “an outstanding football player” that can be effective, like most quarterbacks, if he’s given enough time to throw. He added: “But if you put him under constant pressure and make him get rid of that ball a little quicker than he wants to, I think you can have success.”
Carter said the Bears offense doesn’t match up well with the Cowboys’ front seven and “good playmakers on the back end.” The eight-time Pro Bowler then added that Romo not turning the ball over would be the story of the game.
“If Dallas gets the lead, Jay Cutler is going to start pouting,” Carter said. “Chicago, they have to get Cutler off to a good start.”
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