Houston joint tries to change Matt Schaub’s luck with free burgers

Matt Schaub has taken a few blows lately, especially after recording his fourth straight game with a pick six during the Texans’ lopsided loss to the 49ers.

Before pick No. 4 was in the record books, one Houston restaurant decided to joke about Schaub’s streak by creating a “Matt Schaub Special.” It included a burger with the customer’s “pick” of six toppings. Apparently, Schaub didn’t get the joke because he returned to form Sunday.

But that’s nothing a little good karma can’t change.

One local Houston burger joint is hoping to change the Texans’ QB luck by offering anybody with the name Matt a free quarter-pound burger on Oct. 12. According to the website, that’s a $4.75 value.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn’s website touts that their burgers are “voted best burgers in Houston by [Little Bitty Burger Barn] customers!”

Owner Jay Hengtgen wrote in an email to the Houston Chronicle, “Let’s see if we can get rid of the curse for Mr. Schaub, and let’s support our Texans.”

Unfortunately, the Matts of the world still have to pay for the cheese and fries.

Hey! You can’t have everything for free!

[H/T CBS Sports]