Hopkins aiming to be greatest Texans receiver of all time

Rookie DeAndre Hopkins is expected to make a big impact with the Texans.

After all, his first career NFL touchdown came as a game-winner in overtime against the Titans in Week 2.

But how good will he be? The greatest Texans receiver of all time, according to Hopkins.

“I feel like I can be better than Andre [Johnson],” Hopkins told HoustonTexans.com.

Eleven-year veteran Andre Johnson currently holds many receiving records and has the best stats from a Texans receiver in history.

“That’s my mindset,” he continued. “And that’s what Andre tells me. (He says) Don’t try to shadow yourself when you know you can be better.”

Johnson has been a mentor for Hopkins since the rookie arrived in Houston. Nothing like a little friendly competition between teammates to drive up the stats.