Hamilton: ‘Texas is home. I love Texas’

Josh Hamilton will return to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Friday for the first time since signing with the Los Angeles Angels. The 2010 American League MVP still calls Texas home, however, Rangers fans probably won’t be giving him a warm homecoming welcome when he comes up to bat.
Hamilton was a guest on the Mike & Mike in the Morning radio show Monday on 103.3 in Dallas [KESN-FM] and was asked about what his return to Arlington will be like.
“It’s amazing how God works,” Hamilton responded. “When I got back into spring training in 2007 and went back to the Bradenton area and the Sarasota area where all the drugs and stuff had began, God just reminded me, ‘OK, I brought you back here because this is where I brought you from. This is where you were. With me, this is where we got through and I’m bringing you back here to remind you.’ Same thing here. We’re in Cincinnati today, where I started my big league career. Bringing me back here to remind me where I was.
“The next three to four days I’ll be back in Texas. Those are all just seasons in my life. I feel like they were important seasons of my life. But now, we’re in a new one. I’m excited about it. It’s going to be good to be back in Texas. Texas is home. I love Texas. It’s going to be fun.”
Hamilton would obviously like to play well, maybe blast a few homers and lead the Angles to a three-game series sweep. But he didn’t sound vindictive when asked about going out of his way to show the Rangers what they will be missing.
“If you always want to go back and try to prove something that didn’t work out the way you want it to you’re just going to be beating your head against the wall,” Hamilton said. “You prepare and try to play the game how it needs to be played but that doesn’t always work out your way or the team’s way, so once that season is over it’s over. You prepare and get ready for the next season and that’s what we did and that’s what I did. I hated the way it ended in Texas, but it ended.”

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