Hamilton fights bat-tossing with spray glue

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Josh Hamilton may have found a solution to his penchant for flinging bats into the stands while swinging: spray glue.

The Texas Rangers slugger was growing increasingly concerned over his tendency to send bats flying end-over-end toward spectators — and the occasional projectile that had on-deck hitter Adrian Beltre ducking for cover in the dugout.

Months of searching led to a trip to the hardware store for a $10 aerosol can of glue often used for upholstery and fabric inside cars. He hasn’t thrown a bat since the discovery on the last homestand.

Hamilton’s bat-tossing became something of a sideshow earlier this season. At one point, home fans behind the Rangers’ dugout started bringing signs, including one with a target that said “Josh hit it here.”