Garrett losing control of offense, decision making

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys’ Dept. of Dysfunction was operating at full-strength Tuesday at the team’s practice facility. Owner Jerry Jones accidentally spilled the beans regarding who would be calling the offensive plays in 2013, while his head coach was left holding the bag.

Cowboys offensive coordinator-offensive line coach Bill Callahan confirmed that he will call the offensive plays in 2013 after he was surprised by a herd of reporters who’d just visited with the owner.

“I’m flattered and as I said this a long time ago when we were visiting in January and February, everybody has a stake in this,” Callahan said.

Garrett had guarded the identity of the play caller like a state secret this offseason and he still refused to confirm the news at his afternoon news conference.

“We have a plan, but no real comment beyond that,” Garrett said.

Garrett has called the plays since becoming offensive coordinator in 2007. Immediately following the 2012 season, Jones hinted that a change might be forthcoming regarding play-calling duties. But the Cowboys have refused to clarify the situation. Jones said Tuesday that a plan has been in place for “weeks,” and he alluded to how Callahan has been sending on plays during organized team activities.

I think not having play-calling duties will actually benefit Garrett, but he has to hate how the announcement was executed. There’s already a perception at Valley Ranch that Jones pulls all the strings. And the announcement Tuesday only reinforced that perception.

Garrett said during his news conference that he didn’t concern himself with perception. But the way things unfolded at Valley Ranch on Tuesday, Garrett looks weaker than ever. He’s already been set up as a lame-duck head coach in 2013. Now, he’s not even allowed to announce decisions about his coaching staff.

At this point, it might be impossible for anyone to succeed while working for Jones. Garrett’s finding that out the hard way.