Garrett finally admits Callahan will be calling plays

After last week’s bewildering non-admission, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett finally acknowledged Tuesday that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will call plays this season.

A week ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, in his usual roundabout way, told reporters that Callahan had taken over play-calling duties from Garrett. But when quizzed later during his own media session, Garrett said the play-caller decision was still under discussion.

On Tuesday, during the team’s mini-camp, Garrett came clean.

Garrett said the decision to hand over play-calling duties was made five months ago. He said he was reluctant to share the information because he’s worked for coaches who never revealed who was calling the plays.

Garrett offered an apology for not “being on the same page” with how the decision was announced, but said he agreed with the decision. That lack of communication led to further speculation about Garrett’s authority being undermined by Jones.

Garrett has called the Cowboys’ offensive plays since 2007 and said he will still be involved in game-planning.

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