Foster continues to show he’s no ordinary NFL player

Arian Foster is no ordinary NFL player.

According to the Houston Texans star’s bio on his website, “Arian is more than just a talented running back: he is a husband, father, poet, writer and thinker”

Those aren’t just empty words written to promote his career; Foster backs it up with proof if you read his Yahoo! Shine article titled: ‘6 Things I’ll Try to Teach My Daughter.’ 

Foster, who was a philosophy major while starring at running back at the University of Tennessee, goes into incredible detail on what he thinks is the most important things to teach his young daughter, Zeniah, and what he hopes he can do to make her appreciate life despite her upbringing under a millionaire NFL star father.

“When my daughter Zeniah arrived, I had a little ball of life staring at me,” Foster wrote. “How could I tech her that hard work separates from winning from losing when I leisurely procrastinated my way through life? How could I tech her to dream when I didn’t put everything I had into mine? How could I teach her to be a loving kind human spirit when at the time I was so bitter at life (I had just been passed on by every team in all seven rounds of the NFL draft)… Hypocrites don’t make good superheroes and that’s what parents are supposed to be… superheroes. So I vowed to unlearn what I thought to be truth and completely humble myself to this experience.”

Foster’s six points made are: Happiness, the value of a dollar, know your why, kindness, men and her worth, and “the flying spaghetti monster.”

Most of his points are fairly easy to understand, but what exactly is the “flying spaghetti monster”?

Well, simply put, Foster doesn’t want to have an influence on his young daughter’s religious views, he wants to “never tell her what to believe in” allowing her to make her own spiritual choices in life when she is ready to do so herself.

From Foster’s signature Namaste bow after every touchdown scored, to his (mostly) vegan diet; the Texans’ running back continues to show there is more to him than just being really good on the football field.