Former Aggies head coach Sherrill comes to Manziel's defense

Johnny Manziel has matured over the season according to former Aggies coach Jackie Sherrill.

Johnny Football may be the most polarizing player in college football.

While most can agree that on the field he is a force to be reckoned with, his off-field antics can come come across as juvenile.

But according to former Aggies coach Jackie Sherrill, Manziel has shown maturity as the season progresses.

Speaking on CBS' Tim Brando Show, Sherrill said, "…How many freshmen have ever won the Heisman?…I'm not defending Johnny, I don't think anybody needs to put themselves there. He himself probably wishes he could have done some things differently but I don't know if he had the experience. Now he has the experience."

The praise didn't stop there. While many media members have critized the quarterback for not talking to the media, Sherrill replied, "He's extremely intelligent," Sherrill said. "Why does he not talk to the media right now? He's probably very smart in knowing that you're demanded to ask, by your network, ‘Is he coming back?'"

Good point. Next to can he win back-to-back Heisman, it does seem to be the question on everybody's mind.

But for the time being, let's focus on the Heisman race. Time and time again, Manziel has risen up to the challenge during big games, and that's not a coincidence.

"The good thing about Johnny Manziel is the more the pressure, the bigger the stage, the better he performs," Sherrill said.

So that means we can probably expect big things this saturday when the Aggies travel to Death Valley to take on LSU.

"This game is the center stage," he said. "…The game is going to come down to which quarterback performs the best. Again, I just likes Johnny's demeanor when everything is on the line and the stage is bigger. He has shown that he can perform."

Guess we'll find out what he's made of Saturday.

(H/T Dallas Morning News)