Florida coach Muschamp: I don’t understand hashtags

Out in West Texas there’s this 33-year-old hotshot coaching the Texas Tech Red Raiders in a movie-star haircut and a pair of sweet shades. He connects with the kids. They play rap songs at practice and he sings along. He leaves his players messages referring to Call of Duty and 2k13. Kliff Kingsbury is hip. He’s connected. He’s on the pulse.

And then, way out East, in Gainesville, Fla., is Will Muschamp. Even his name sounds like something from the old West. Will Muschamp. Sounds like a saloon owner or something. So … well … Muschamp doesn’t know what a hashtag is.

It’s not that Muschamp is wrong. For decades (centuries?) that symbol has been known as the number sign or the “pound” sign. The term “hashtag” does seem somewhat arbitrary. It’s just that wondering about the hashtag is an errand for the Twitter novice, for the disconnected. Everybody else has already moved on.