Five thoughts on Cowboys’ loss to Bears

1. Tony Romo is not the problem so don’t even start with blaming this loss all on him. The Cowboys quarterback made three mistakes Monday night and that was being careless with the football on the Lance Briggs touchdown return and the two fourth-quarter interceptions. Those plays obviously hurt the Cowboys but they weren’t the sole reason for this loss. Yes, Romo deserves blame, but not all of it.
2. Romo and Dez Bryant have to get on the same page. I can’t see the Cowboys ever reaching the postseason until that happens. Bryant had his second career 100-yard game Monday night but it could’ve easily been a 200-yard game if he would’ve hauled in a few more very catchable balls. The two weren’t on the same page on Romo’s first interception. Romo signaled to Bryant before the snap, Bryant nodded. But the two weren’t running the same play. Bryant ran deep and Romo threw short. The result: Pick-six.
3. The Cowboys defense is not the No. 1 defense in the NFL. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Stats don’t matter after only three weeks. But the Cowboys defense is still better than last year. The Bears have a good offense and they were obviously clicking Monday night. When Dallas gets Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer back in the starting lineup, they should show improvement and return to what they are – a top 10 defense.
4. Jason Witten is back. After two lackluster games, the Cowboys’ Pro Bowl tight end caught 13 passes for 112 yards and a TD, and he didn’t drop any after dropping six the previous two weeks. He also stepped into the No. 2 overall spot on the Cowboys’ all-time receiving list. Only Michael Irvin has more. A healthy Witten is a great sign for this offense going forward.
5. There’s no doubt that this is a disappointing loss, and it only makes it worse that it was nationally televised. The Cowboys have just as much talent as the Bears and were playing at home – even though MANY Bears fans were part of the over 90,000 in the building. The negative spin: The Cowboys have a long way to go if they have any hope of reaching the playoffs. The positive spin: There are only six NFC teams with better records. It’s still a long season, folks.
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