Favre: NFL QB most like me is Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo grew up in Burlington, Wis., idolizing Green Bay Packers star Brett Favre.

So what the legendary gunslinger told Deion Sanders on Tuesday on the NFL Network had to bring a huge smile to Romo’s face.

Favre was on the network discussing his thoughts on several of today’s active NFL quarterbacks when his attention turned to pinpointing the one who reminded him the most of himself.

“Romo is probably more like me than any of those guys,” Favre said. “I think way too much is cast upon him, good or bad.”

Favre, who knows a thing or two about criticism from local media, believes Romo takes unfair criticism and is the reason the Cowboys have accomplished anything over the past several years.

“It’s Dallas, and much is expected,” Favre said. “He’s carried those guys. I watched him last year, and I like Tony. I like the way he plays. I think at times he’s underrated.”

Romo always has had a link to Favre, whom he said he mapped his game after. Like Favre, Romo never has been afraid to take chances, going for the spectacular over the safe.

But unlike Favre, who won multiple playoff games, including Super Bowl XXXI, Romo has won only one playoff game in his career.