Fan shaves Kevin Durant's face into his hair

This is one hairy situation the Thunder and Kevin Durant and happy to be involved with.

You know you're a superstar when people are shaving your face into their hair.

Layne Murdoch / NBAE via Getty Images

One fan took his love of the Thunder and OKC'€™s superstar Kevin Durant to a whole new level recently.

A photo of a haircut featuring the face of Kevin Durant and the Thunder's logo is making its way around the Internet this weekend.

While Durant's face is pretty impressive, the fact that his eyes and OKC's logo are in color are even more impressive.

But this haircut brings up some very important questions:

• How long did that haircut take?

• How expensive was that haircut?

• How long will it last?

• Will the colors run if the guy sweats or takes a shower?

• What happens after it starts to grow out? Do you keep trimming it?

This isn'€™t the first time that a fan has decided to get their favorite player shaved into the back of his head. Here are a few more Texas-based NBA fans that decided to show their love through their hairdo. The following are "portraits" of James Harden, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

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