Durant with the early dunk of the playoffs?

Sure, Blake Griffin, LeBron James and DeAndre Jordan have had some very impressive dunks this season.

But, let’s be honest, most of those have been on the receiving end of an impressive pass to the rim.

Kevin Durant, he likes to do things a little different.

On Saturday night, Durant took an in-bounds pass after a made Houston Rockets basket the length of the court, weaving around two defenders before driving the lane and embarrassing Omer Asik with a thunderous one-handed dunk.

Upon a slow-motion review from a baseline camera at the opposite end of the court, a replay showed just how high up Durant got up on the dunk, with the ball and his hand completely clearing the shooting square on the backboard.

The dunk was so vicious that it was hard for the Rockets faithful in Houston to stay in their seats.

Is this so far the dunk of the playoffs?  You be the judge.