Durant takes on Oklahoma on Twitter

When the Texas Longhorns stormed back on Wednesday night against their rival Oklahoma Sooners … things got a little weird in the Twitterverse.

That’s because the most popular athlete in the state of Oklahoma decided to go against the grain and take on the most popular school in the state.

It started innocent enough … sorta.

“Yea my longhorns came back from being down 22, all that showboating and coming back home to Oklahoma with a L..#hookem,” Oklahoma City Thunder and NBA Superstar Kevin Durant tweeted.

Of course, Durant wore the burnt orange of Texas for one season back in 2006, and the Longhorns did storm back from a 22-point deficit to win on a last-second shot, but Sooners bench player James Fraschilla did not take too kind to the comments.

“@KDTrey5 your boys are 13-15. I’d rather take a bad loss than not be in the NCAA tournament,” Fraschilla tweeted.

And thus, the Twitter War was on.

Durant’s Longhorns have struggled all season, but like any good rivalry, nothing is better than beating your enemy.

“@jamesfraschilla yea yea, as long as we beat Oklahoma ill take it, plus our pg was out all year! Enjoy your first round exit,” Durant responded.

Fraschilla, the son of ESPN college basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla, quickly realized that it’s probably not smart picking a fight with the most famous sports personality in the state not named Bob Stoops.

“@KDTrey5 haha we’ll have to see about that in a couple weeks my man. still can’t disrespect an OKC legend tho. thunder up,” Fraschilla responded.

Word of the back-and-forth between the two quickly spread across Twitter … but Fraschilla did his best to cool the flames that can quickly spread on social media.

“Fans take things way too seriously man,” Fraschilla tweeted. “I have a @KDTrey5 poster in my freaking room for goodness sakes. tough loss, we’ll bounce back.”

Yes, Twitter has brought us to the point where we can have sports arguments with the heroes we hang on our walls.