Durant latest victim of social media hacking

Just because you are one of the main faces of the NBA, doesn’t mean you are immune from social media hacking.

The Thunder’s Kevin Durant found that out the hard way after his Instagram account was hacked by a mysterious person with the username of “mr whitehat” at the Twitter handle of @liey_nyc.

“Mr whitehat” did spare the Oklahoma City star from any further embarrassment by only changing his bio to a taunting message telling Durant to “contact me on twitter @liey_nyc for your new password, if I can hack you anyone can.”

Durant did take to Twitter to confront the pesky hacker telling @liey_nyc “smh (shaking my head) get a life” along with posting a screen grab of what was changed on his bio on Instagram.

Durant can consider himself lucky though. At least “mr whitehat” just changed his bio in what seemed to be a mini power trip; he could have had the NBA star’s fans worried about him going off the deep end with suggestive photos and posts.