Cuban’s bet turns to Twitter war with Trump

DALLAS — Mark Cuban and Donald Trump lit up the Twitterverse on Monday, as the billionaires sparred via the miracle of 140-character attacks.

The Dallas Mavericks owner entered himself into the hoopla surrounding Trump’s $5 million challenge to President Obama. Cuban promised to donate $1 million to charity if The Donald shaved off his signature mane.

Here are the tweets fired off Monday by Trump:

“Dummy @mcuban is at it again trying to use me to get publicity for himself!”

“@mcuban tries so hard to be a star and he truly doesn’t have what it takes and never will!”

“Only 1 mill. dollars @mcuban? Offer me real money and I’d consider it. Your team and networks lose so much money I doubt you have much left!”

“.@mcuban When Apprentice became the #1 show on tv you tried copying me with The Benefactor- a complete and total ratings disaster for @ABC.”

Cuban fired back on Twitter and elaborated Monday night before the Mavericks’ home game against Portland.

“I just said I’d donate $1 million to the Sandy victims, so I thought I’d call Donald to see if we can get some money out of him,” Cuban said. “I thought he had just walked away from it and then today he unloaded.

“And you know me, there’s nothing I like better than a sparring partner. And if I can spar, and verbally joust and potentially raise money for charity, all the better. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at it. He tries to dish it out and it makes me laugh when he tries.”

Cuban is upping his original $1 million, but adds a caveat for Trump.

“I changed the offer to sweeten it,” Cuban said. “But in order to see my offer, he’s gotta put $1 million up to charities and then I’ll tell him my new and improved offer.”

Cuban added that he hasn’t heard back from Trump on the latest offer, but wanted to make one thing clear.

“I like Donald. I don’t have any problem with him,” he said. “I respect him. I respect what he’s accomplished. You know that one buddy you like to pick on? It’s Donald Trump. … He’s just like your buddy that you like to pick on. You still like him, but you still like to pick on him. So we’ll see what happens.”

Or read what happens.