Cuban reserves seat for Trump at Mavs game

It’s obvious now that Donald Trump and Mark Cuban are loving this. 

Cuban posted a photo on Twitter Wednesday night of him seated next to an empty seat he had labeled as reserved for Trump.

“Blown off again .. GO MAVS!” Cuban tweeted with the picture.

Trump responded to the picture on Thursday morning.

“Mark – nice picture, thanks for the invite to the Mavs/Nets game. Next time I’ll go and you’ll win!” Trump tweeted.

The Mavericks lost 113-96 to Brooklyn Wednesday night in Dallas.

It’s the latest in an ongoing Twitter feud between the two business moguls in which they insult each other from every possible angle. It’s starting to seem like there’s something of a show being put on here.

These guys are both on reality TV shows — Cuban on “Shark Tank” and Trump on The Apprentice” — but this is starting to feel like it has the potential to be a reality show of its own. Something about a couple of rich guys playing nemesis to each other like a couple of super competitive brothers.