Cowboys move indoors to beat the heat, pump up the volume

The Cowboys moved their Wednesday and Thursday practices to AT&T Stadium this week to lower the temperature and bring up the volume.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said high temperatures were an issue last week during practices at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters, which does not have an indoor facility.

“There were a lot of IVs last week at practice,” Garrett said.

With the Wednesday and Thursday practices the most intense of the week, moving to air-conditioned AT&T Stadium should allow the players to focus better.

However, as one reporter pointed out during Garrett’s Tuesday news conference, anyone who purchases a tour of the stadium can watch the team practice when it goes indoors.

“Hopefully we keep the attention of the tour goers,” Garrett joked. “They can look at the art and some of the other things we have here [instead] of figuring out our audibles.”

Anyone who watches the Cowboys practice in the stadium might want to bring ear plugs. The Cowboys will pump in noise to simulate the environment at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, where they will taken on the Chiefs on Sunday.

“It might chase some of those tour-goers out of here, it’s so loud,” Garrett said.

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