Cowboys fans ranked No. 1 for loyalty in study

Dallas Cowboys fans may be frustrated with Jerry Jones’ management and Tony Romo’s on-field blunders, but supporters of “America’s Team” continue to remain loyal.

According to a study by Emory University, the Cowboys rank No. 1 as the NFL’s “most loyal and supportive” fan base.

The New England Patriots came in second, followed by the Jets, Saints, and Giants.

Several factors went into the study. Emory says it analyzed market population, stadium capacity, median income, and box office revenues relative to team on-field success.

On-field success isn’t something the Cowboys have experienced the last few seasons …or decade.

But despite the team’s playoff absence, the attendance at AT&T Stadium raises their “fan equity.”

Surprisingly, the Oakland Raiders came in last place. Raider Nation apparently wasn’t rowdy enough in Emory’s study.

The Cowboys were also recently named Forbes’ most valuable NFL franchise for the seventh consecutive year.

That makes Jerry Jones’ team No. 1 in two rankings in August.

Now only if they can do it in January when it really matters.