Fantasy Fox: Choose Your QB -- Griffin vs. Luck

This week's installment of "Choose Your Quarterback" pits Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck, the Nos. 5 and 8 assets in The Fantasy Fox's fluid rankings of the 32 presumed starting QBs.

Robert Griffin III (3,203 yards passing, 16 TDs in 13 games last year) and Indy's Andrew Luck (right -- 3,822 yards passing, 27 total TDs) are viable candidates for 4,000 total yards and/or 30 touchdowns this season.

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This week's installment of Choose Your Quarterback pits Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck, the Nos. 5 and 8 assets in my rankings of the 32 presumed starting quarterbacks.

Here's a week-by-week fantasy breakdown of Luck vs. Griffin, just in case you're torn on which playmaker to grab in Round 2 or 3:

Week 1 -- Luck (@ Denver) over Griffin (@ Houston)
Week 2 -- Luck (vs. Philadelphia) over Griffin (vs. Jacksonville)
Week 3 -- Griffin (@ Philadelphia) over Luck (@ Jacksonville)
Week 4 -- Griffin (vs. N.Y. Giants) over Luck (vs. Tennessee)
Week 5 -- Luck (vs. Baltimore) over Griffin (vs. Seattle)
Week 6 -- Luck (@ Houston) over Griffin (@ Arizona)
Week 7 -- Griffin (vs. Tennessee) over Luck (vs. Cincinnati)
Week 8 -- Griffin (@ Dallas) over Luck (@ Pittsburgh)
Week 9 -- Luck (@ N.Y. Giants) over Griffin (@ Minnesota)
Week 10 -- PUSH -- Luck (BYE) and Griffin (BYE)
Week 11 -- Luck (vs. New England) over Griffin (vs. Tampa Bay)
Week 12 -- Luck (vs. Jacksonville) over Griffin (@ San Francisco)
Week 13 -- PUSH -- Luck vs. Griffin -- HEAD TO HEAD (@ Indy)
Week 14 -- Griffin (vs. St. Louis) over Luck (@ Cleveland)
Week 15 -- Griffin (@ N.Y. Giants) over Luck (vs. Houston)
Week 16 -- Luck (@ Dallas) over Griffin (vs. Philadelphia)
Week 17 -- Griffin (vs. Dallas) over Luck (@ Tennessee)


Luck pulls off the mild upset, 8-7 (two 'push' weeks)


1. We're splitting hairs with the matchups from Weeks 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16 -- reiterating just how close Luck (3,822 yards passing, 27 total TDs in 2013) and Griffin (3,203 yards passing, 16 TDs over 13 starts) could be during the August drafts.

2. Neither QB has a definitive edge during the fantasy-playoff period of Weeks 13-16, with both passers getting the call twice. For what it's worth, Luck (@ Dallas) would get the nod for the Fantasy Bowl (Week 16).

3. Both quarterbacks could have as many as 15 weather-friendly games, with the only sketchy Sundays coming at Week 13 for Luck (@ Cleveland) and Week 14 for Griffin (@ N.Y. Giants).

4. Of his 18 games last season (including two playoff outings), Luck attempted 30 or more passes 15 times. Along those lines ... Griffin tallied 30-plus passes in 10 of his 13 games.

5. In 2013, Griffin rolled for 300 total yards and/or three touchdowns nine times (13 games). By comparison, Luck crossed the threshold of 300 total yards and/or three TDs only eight times (17 total games).

6. With Reggie Wayne (torn ACL) recovered from a knee injury and DeSean Jackson making the intra-division leap from the Eagles to Redskins ... the pass-catching groups for the Colts and Redskins could both rank in the top 7 come August.

Bonus: Tight ends Coby Fleener (Indy -- 12 catches, 20 targets, 140 yards, one TD for Weeks 10-11 last year) and Jordan Reed (Washington -- 17 catches, 23 targets, 224 yards, one TD for Weeks 8-9) could be top-8 assets by season's end, if healthy.

7. Here are two noteworthy Griffin bits: He has four grueling games against the NFC West ... and last year, he didn't score a single rushing touchdown.

8. Check this out: In the four seasons of doing Choose Your QB, I can't recall a time when the two quarterbacks swapped the same opponents in back-to-back weeks. But that'll be the case in September when Luck and Griffin encounter the Eagles and Jaguars, and vice versa, for Weeks 2 and 3.

In 2013, Philly had the NFL's worst passing defense, surrendering 290 yards per game. Jacksonville also had a porous season, as well, allowing 248 yards through the air.

Bridging the gap, in the final five Sundays (Weeks 13-17), the Eagles and Jags posted similar stats with yards passing and sacks.

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