Braves' Monday blues end via Twitter

Is Chipper Jones' new twitter account responsible for the wins? What is @RealCJ10 doing to the Braves?

ATLANTA — Chipper Jones has had his Twitter account for a week and it's already been responsible for adding nonsensical words to the English language, creating a flood of Internet interest, causing a sleepless night for his manager and attracting an army of about 77,000 followers.

Jones had even pointed out several times — via @RealCJ10, of course — that the Braves had not lost since he opened the account on July 24 heading into Monday night's game against the Marlins.

The Braves had played five games since the 40-year-old Jones begrudgingly joined the Twitterverse.  Those five games had resulted in five victories as Jones' account quickly developed a life of its own, growing in stature and legend.

But on Monday the irresistible force of @RealCJ10 ran into the most formidable obstacle of its short, yet impactful life.

Ali had Frazier.

The Yankees have the Red Sox.

Harry Potter had Voldemort.

Jones' Twitter account, and the five-game winning streak it spawned, faced off against the Braves' Monday Blues, a streak of 16 consecutive Monday losses dating to last Aug. 22.

The first day of the workweek had meant bad business for the Braves since they defeated the Cubs 3-0 on that Monday last August. It had been nothing but Monday losses since, four to end last year and 12 more this season.

Perhaps bolstered by The Old Man and the Cell, or perhaps by the fact that the Braves showed a lot of sock in more ways than one, they vanquished that streak with an 8-2 victory over the Marlins at Turner Field.

The Braves are 6-0 riding the power of @RealCJ10 and are a season-high 14 games above .500.

Just in case the Braves needed extra mojo, Jones suggested that his teammates wear long blue socks and pull their pants legs to their knees. All but starting pitcher Tommy Hanson got the message and the lineup supported him with 13 hits, including three doubles and a home run.

Asked if his Twitter account or the blue socks accounted for busting the Monday streak, Jones countered with: "I think it was eight runs and 13 hits. For whatever reason we leave the bats at home when we play on Mondays. I think everybody was a little tired of hearing about it."

Jones is a much more accomplished talker than tweeter — he had sent 14 in his first week — and his word choices on one of his first tweets sent Braves fans on quests to send them trending.

"Mike b and jhey go yicketty! The roadrunner went mammo! And the Bravos have a winning road trip. My kind of day off, no action!!!" Jones tweeted on July 25.

The unintelligible tweet led Deadspin and other sites to post stories wondering what was going on in Jones' head. Deadspin's headline: "Can Anybody Understand What Chipper Jones Is Saying On Twitter?"

Fans also wanted explanations, prompting Jones to post this the next day: "yicketty means homer! mammo means big bomb. roadrunner is francisco. any other questions?"

And then, earlier this week, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez tossed and turned after Jones tweeted: "Wow Mikey Minor! Hats off to Blanton too. They were dealing. 4 game streak since I got on the twitta. Got a date wit the Doc tmrw. Go Bravos"

Gonzalez thought the creaky-jointed Jones needed to see a doctor. What Jones was trying to explain was that he and the Braves were going to face the Phillies' Roy "Doc" Halladay the next day.

"Crazy thing he's actually using it. I started (Hanson's) for him last year. I think he's tweeted three times, maybe," said pitcher Kris Medlen, one of the Braves' most active tweeters. "That's the thing that's amazing me the most, not that he has it.

“I know there are a lot of imposters tweeting as him. That's a weird kind of thing. I know he got it for that reason, but I was just totally surprised he was actually using it. It's cool to have a Hall of Fame-caliber guy writing stuff to fans. That's cool."

So with that Monday jinx in the past, what's next for @RealCJ10?

As long as Jones keeps tweeting, they keep winning.