SWP would consider loan move

The England winger has only made three Premier League appearances
for the big-spenders this term, leading to speculation regarding
his long-term future. But the 29-year-old insists he wants to
finish his English playing career at Eastlands, although he may
consider a loan move in January to gain game time. He told Sky
Sports News: “Well I’m never going to be able to say how frustrated
I am, some people might never understand but obviously I know it is
part of the game I’m working hard in training and I just have to
keep going. “Obviously it’s very important (to be playing first
team football) but I know everybody’s time comes and goes and it
will always come back again and my time’s going to come back again
and I know what I’m capable of, I know what I can bring to the game
for club and country so I just have to be patient and just be ready
when my run of games comes.” Asked if he will have to consider his
future come January, he replied: “To be quite honest I don’t think
that far ahead. “For the City fans I would never want to ever leave
them permanently so I said I would always come back and that’s
where I would like to finish my English football career at some
point so as for leaving them fully, I would never consider it so it
is just a matter of getting games really.” But when pressed that a
loan move could be the way forward for him, he conceded: “Yes
possibly, it could be if I’m not playing here obviously I would
like to play football – it’s the reason why I became who I am
because I just enjoy the game so possibly yes.” He added he had not
spoken to City boss Roberto Mancini regarding his situation, nor
were talks planned. “Like I said, I am happy where I am – I just
enjoy playing football and I just want to play the game to be
honest with you and that’s the main thing for me.” But asked if he
envisaged himself being at City on February 1, he insisted: “I
don’t think that far ahead – Christmas comes before then so I’m
looking forward to Christmas dinner!”