Seasiders chief vows to attack

The Seasiders secured their place among the elite of English
football with their play-off final win over Cardiff in May but are
being tipped for an immediate return to the Championship. Holloway
has joked that he does not see how the North West outfit will reach
double figures in the top-flight, but has vowed to attack
throughout their campaign at the very highest level. “You won’t
ever in my life in the Premier League – however long that may be –
catch me standing toe to toe with someone as a boxer and just
covering my face. That’s what a lot of teams do and I don’t think
that’s football,” he told the Mail on Sunday. “I want to go to
these big clubs and give them a good game but, whatever the
scoreline, I’ll still be buzzing when we leave because I’m proud of
my lads’ efforts. We may not be as good as them but our heads won’t
drop and I expect us to give a good account of ourselves. “I was
fuming at first when people said we wouldn’t get 10 points. But
when I got the fixture list I said, ‘My God, where are we going to
get 10 points from?’ “Joking is how I deal with worries sometimes.
The truth is, I can’t wait for the challenge. I’ve nothing to lose
and that suits me better than having everything to lose. “There’s
no fear in me because I do not fear losing my job. After all, I
didn’t have one for a year before this, did I?” Holloway has
already discovered that alongside the benefits of reaching the
promised land of the Premier League there are also added
difficulties, particularly regarding the 25-man squads which must
include at least eight ‘homegrown’ players. “Before the dust
settled on the play-off trophy, they told us what we had to have in
place on August 31 and I almost didn’t enjoy my holiday,” he added.
“In fact, I wish I hadn’t had one. It’s so far off the chart where
we are set up as a club. “Other clubs have been at this for years
and we’re light years behind them. If I was a defeatist, I’d say
it’s almost impossible. “It’s a jigsaw, we need far too many pieces
and the picture isn’t on our box lid. We were expecting a different
box.” Holloway has also been frustrated in the transfer market so
far this summer, with prices for many of his targets increasing due
to Blackpool’s Premier League status. “I feel like I’m a fella who
was selling the Big Issue last week with my dog sat by me looking
pretty hungry and I just picked up a winning Lottery ticket,” he
said. “So I can’t go and beg for things like I used to because
people say, ‘Hang on, mate, you’ve got all that money in your back