SAF: Hodgson never had a chance

Hodgson was dumped by the Anfield outfit last week after struggling
to get them above mid-table since his arrival in the summer.
Although his exit was widely expected, it still came as a shock
barely six months after his successful stint at Fulham. Ferguson
has already faced his successor – Kenny Dalglish – and seen
Manchester United dash the early optimism generated by his fellow
Scot with a 1-0 FA Cup win last weekend. But the circumstances
surrounding Hodgson’s departure remain a mystery to the United
chief. “It was disappointing for Roy,” said Ferguson. “I think
there was obviously a bit of a campaign to get him out. “There is
no question about that. “It’s disappointing because he had the
experience to do the job – but not the players, obviously. “I don’t
know the full circumstances of how he was operating but you had the
feeling through the media that he was on a hiding to nothing.”