Rivals Sparta, Slavia fined for crowd trouble

The Czech Republic Football Association has punished bitter
Prague rivals Sparta and Slavia for trouble caused by their fans
during their derby on Saturday.

The disciplinary committee fined each team 200,000 koruna
($10,000) on Thursday and Slavia, which hosted the match, will have
to play a home game without fans if similar incidents happen

Sparta’s notorious hooligans chanted anti-Semitic slogans during
their team’s 2-0 victory, set off firecrackers and pelted Slavia
captain Karol Kisel with water bottles, lighters and other objects
when he wanted to execute a corner kick, prompting the referee to
interrupt the game twice.

Fans of both teams also invaded the pitch after the game.

Sparta had been previously fined by UEFA for the racist behavior
of its fans.