Rio mayor: ‘Mistake’ to hold World Cup games in 12 different cities

The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janiero will host the World Cup final.


Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes says it was a bad idea for Brazil to hold World Cup matches in 12 different cities.

Paes says on Thursday, ”We made a mistake. We should have fewer cities hosting than we have.”

Although he predicted the World Cup would be ”great,” Paes also says repeated delays have done ”huge damage” to the country’s reputation.

The World Cup starts in a week, but several of the 12 stadiums are still being finished, and work outside many continues with roads and sidewalks being put down with sponsor and media areas still under construction.

Brazil is spending about $11.5 billion on the World Cup with about $4 billion going to build or renovate 12 stadiums.