Quotes about match-fixing in soccer

Soccer, or football as it is known in most of the world, is
being plagued by match-fixing linked to emboldened criminal gangs
or corrupt officials. Here are some comments on the global

”Football is in a disastrous state. … Fixing of matches for
criminal gambling fraud purposes is absolutely endemic worldwide
… arrogantly happening daily” – Chris Eaton, director of sport
integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security.

”It sounds like a fairy tale or a novel. It’s absolute
craziness, something unbelievable – but it’s all true” – Italian
prosecutor Roberto Di Martino on a case in which an Italian
goalkeeper under pressure to rig a game drugged five of his
teammates so they would play badly.

”Twenty years of hard work I destroyed in just one month” –
Mario Cizmek, a Croatian player convicted of match-fixing.

”For my cooperation, he offered me 200,000 euros ($261,500).
… I said no because my immediate thoughts were of my wife, son
and daughter. How could I look them in the eye if I said yes? What
kind of husband and father would I be?” – Former Italian player
Simone Farina, who is now a FIFA ambassador for fair play.

”The widespread belief in Turkey is that at some time or
another, each and every team has attempted to fix games” – Turkish
sports commentator Bagis Erten.