Pompey axe falls on 85 employees

The administrators’ spokesman, Andrew Andronikou, revealed the
news, but insisted the club will be able to stave off questions
from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs over the validity of the
administration process and that he is receiving “enquiries on a
daily basis” regarding a takeover. He also revealed Peter Storrie
remains as chief executive at the club, but he has taken a 40% wage
cut. Andronikou told a news conference: “Today is extremely
difficult – there’s always a day in the administration when you
have to question whether you like the job you are doing, but it is
a necessary job. “We have unfortunately had to make 85 employees
redundant today. The club had in its employment 166 full-time
staff, including players, and 154 part-time staff – excluding
weekend and matchday staff. “May I take this opportunity to thank
these people for their contributions to the club and wish them well
in their future. “The redundancies were made across all areas. They
are the visible cuts we are making. There will be other cuts that
you won’t see, but you will see them filter down in the cashflow in
the short-to-medium term. “We’ve had to use the administration to
take (staffing) down to a level that I can manage and if
unfortunately the club is relegated, it will have to be reviewed
again as the overheads won’t fit into a Championship environment.”
Peter Storrie, whose salary and role in the club’s governance has
been the subject of much scrutiny and criticism, remains in his
post as chief executive. But Andronikou said: “He would like to
make it known that he has taken a 40% cut in his basic wage. “Peter
Storrie has tended his resignation, he is working to a timetable.
He is still chief executive today. It may very well change. We are
in a situation where we are having to adapt to an evolving story.”