Peres on Euro U21: Safer in Israel than London

Israel President Shimon Peres has guaranteed that the 2013
European under-21 championship will be safer in Israel than it
would be in London.

Peres and UEFA President Michel Platini were adamant Thursday
that having the tournament hosted by Israel next summer is the
right choice.

Peres is confident the event will proceed smoothly, saying,
”When you come in June, it will be more secure and tranquil than a
football game in London.”

Platini is proud Israel is the host, despite receiving ”many
letters” opposing the bid. On Wednesday, he attended the under-21
draw in Tel Aviv and a Europa League game in Haifa to assuage
skeptics after a bus bombing that wounded 27 people in Tel Aviv
last week.

He says, ”Football is a beautiful thing for peace.”