Noble happy with quick return

Noble had his appendix removed after emergency surgery just two
weeks before playing against Blackpool on Saturday. Noble insisted
he was happy to try and play after being given the all-clear by his
surgeon, despite initial assessments suggesting he would be out for
at least a month. “I said I wanted to try. They said it’s
impossible and I couldn’t do it,” he revealed. “I said that I felt
okay. I trained and it felt fine. I asked before the game if
anything could go wrong inside. “The surgeon said it would be okay
and thankfully he was right.” Noble revealed the pain he went
through with his appendix, adding: “I was in agony. “The doctor
said we had to go to the hospital right away, chucked me in his car
and I was on a drip within two hours. “The surgeon said it was a
couple of times the size it should have been and was within hours
of bursting.”