Nani versatility delights Phelan

The Portugal winger was drafted in on the right against West Ham
and responded with a superb goal in the 3-0 victory at Old
Trafford. It came after he missed a penalty in his previous outing
against Fulham. Had Nani scored his side would have led 3-1, but
instead they had to settle for a draw. Assistant manager Phelan is
pleased with the player’s mindset. He said: “Nani’s head never goes
down. He takes a few knocks along the way but he always rises to an
occasion. “It was important for him to bounce back. We played him
on the right, which he doesn’t normally do, he plays on the left.
His general play and running off the ball was very good.” Nani was
chosen ahead of Antonio Valencia and that has given United a
dilemma about which one of the two is best suited to the role. “It
does raise a question, ” Phelan told the BBC. “But we have to
balance the team the right way. “When Nani plays on the left he
likes to come inside. When he plays on the right, he can deliver a
ball and also score by running inside and finishing with great