Levein reveals Ameobi approach

Ameobi has represented England Under-21s and holds a British
passport, but has never played a competitive game for England.
Levein had hoped he could hand the Nigerian-born striker a Scotland
call-up but, as Ameobi has not been educated in Scotland, Levein
cannot utilise the 28-year-old, under the Home Associations rule.
“I tried to get Shola Ameobi at Newcastle a while back,” said
Levein, who is currently preparing his side for their forthcoming
Euro 2012 qualifiers. “He has not played for England yet, though he
has lived in the UK and had a British passport. “So I thought he
might be available to play for Scotland. But we have changed the
rules. “The Home Associations rule is clear. It changed a year ago.
You have to be educated in Scotland for five years and it fell down
as Shola had not been.”