Lennon braced for McGeady departure

Lennon has spoken to McGeady since his visit to Moscow and believes
the trip has sold the midfielder on the £9.5million move.
Celtic lost their final pre-season game 2-1 at home to Blackburn
without McGeady being involved on Sunday and Lennon, who claims he
will receive “all the money” from any sale, believes the transfer
could be sealed within 48 hours. He said: “He was in yesterday and
more or less said his goodbyes really so we’ll see how that
develops over the next one or two days. I would probably think it
will be Moscow. “He’s going to go to Moscow in the next few days
and get the deal finalised and that will be a relief in terms of
putting the deal to bed because the sooner it’s done the better.
I’ll get all the money. “I won’t be relieved at Aiden going because
I’ll be losing my best player and nobody wants to do that, but we
feel it’s good money for a top player. “Having spoken to him
yesterday he seemed a lot more settled. He said he liked what he
saw. I’d like to think the way he was talking, this is the club he
will go to unless something happens last minute.” It is understood
McGeady would prefer to move to the Premier League and he has been
linked with Aston Villa, managed by his former Celtic boss Martin
O’Neill, but Lennon doubts there will be a twist in the tale. He
added: “From what I gather it should get done over the next couple
of days. “It’s not England, but you can’t always get what you want
in football. He’s going to a big club with a decent pedigree and it
might develop him further. All we can do is wish him the best.”