Kean expects arrivals at Ewood

Rovers ensured another season in the top flight with a final-day
victory at Wolves on ‘Survival Sunday’ to end any fears of
relegation. Kean revealed he has already held positive talks with
the club’s owners Venky’s about transfer plans for next season. “I
had a fantastic meeting with the owners last Sunday evening where
we agreed all the budgets for next season,” Kean told Sky Sports
News. “Now we can move forward, put some targets in to strengthen
the squad in certain areas and try to keep the majority of squad
together and move the whole thing forward. “So it’s a very, very
exciting time for Blackburn Rovers.” Asked if there would be any
marquee signings at Ewood Park this summer, Kean added: “Well I am
sure we will have some names, names that are going to move us
forward, names that fit into how we are going to play. “If that’s a
marquee signing great, if it’s not as big a signing as has been
indicated when the owners first took over then as long as they are
going to add value to the squad and play the way we want to play
then it’s going to be an exciting time.”