Jurado leaves Atletico for Schalke in 4-year deal

Atletico Madrid midfielder Jose Manual Jurado has joined
Bundesliga club Schalke after agreeing to a four-year deal.

The Spanish club made the announcement shortly after the
24-year-old Jurado scored the first goal in Atletico’s 4-0 league
win over Sporting Gijon on Monday night.

Spanish media reports have estimated the price of the transfer
between ?11 and ?13 million ($13.9-16.5 million).

Jurado says ”I couldn’t reject the offer – there are moments
when you can’t say no.”

Schalke has invested in Spanish players this summer, having also
signed Real Madrid striker Raul Gonzalez.

Jurado helped Atletico to a Europa League trophy last season and
to the European Supercup title on Friday.