Holloway: The gloves are off

Holloway’s decision to make 10 changes for the midweek defeat at
Aston Villa is being investigated by the authorities, with the
Tangerines boss declaring he would resign if sanctioned, before
then adding fuel to the fire by naming a completely different
starting XI for Saturday’s goalless draw at bottom club West Ham.
Whatever the merits of his team selection, Holloway believes
utilising every possible combination to get the results needed is a
just cause. “I have kept a promise to those who got us up last year
that you will play and get your chance,” Holloway said. “We have
had 13 league games now, and the gloves are off – if you make a
mistake, you are out because that bloke could take your place, and
that is management.” Holloway, though, remains defiant over his
right to select whatever side he sees fit each week, with the
Premier League having implemented new limits of a 25-man squad this
season. “My chairman needs to see them play because I have bought
them and been working with them, hopefully he will be impressed,”
said the Blackpool boss. “I am sure [at Villa] he went ‘oh my God
who are we playing tonight?’ but as he said on the phone ‘I pay you
to do your job, thanks son.’ “No-one should tell a manager who to
pick, not any chairman, just because you own the club. “You should
guide it the right way for the fans, end of story. The manager
should have the final say.” Holloway continued: “What people should
have been saying after the Villa game is: ‘Good God – how does he
do that with all those people we don’t know?’ “I think I should be
able to deal with the squad how I like, and I am sure with the new
25-man rule which has been implemented this year, that is what it
is designed to do. “I want to play young players, to get them in
the Premier League and for them to have a chance. I made 11 changes
again. Will they fine me for that? “I don’t think there were going
to fine me, this is different because they brought that rule in to
try to change things. “From my point of view, I just want to get on
with it. Just let us manage, that is all I am asking. “If I have
got a group of people who came late and I have worked with them,
and they are going to get frustrated if I am not allowed to change
them whenever I like. “It just doesn’t make sense because I would
not disrespect anybody – I am after every point I can get, and I
believe we can get them.”