Holloway is a Blackpool believer

The Seasiders have found wins hard to come by since the turn of the
year and face a scrap for their survival in the final four games,
with only goal difference keeping their out of the bottom three.
But Holloway has urged the Bloomfield Road crowds to stay patient
with the top-flight newcomers and believes they have already
overachieved. “Some of the performances we’ve put in this season –
particularly in October and November when we lost only one in six
and won three – are pinch-yourself stuff,” he told the Blackpool
Gazette. “But that will never always be the case at this level. Yet
when the bubble did burst, all of a sudden everyone is looking to
blame someone. “It is like, ‘Who can we blame?’ Well, blame the
level. We are trying our best to compete, even though we are light
years behind everyone else in terms of what we’ve got and where
we’ve come from. “We had to grab people in the summer and in
January, and we are trying to fit them all in in a short space of
time because we are playing catch up. “So don’t look to blame
people and certainly don’t blame my players. If you want to blame
someone, blame me, but plenty of other teams have had bad runs and
are in trouble, and they’ve all been in this league for a while and
had a head start on us. “I’m just delighted with the way the lads
have acquitted themselves and I am totally convinced we will get
some fantastic results in places we’re not supposed to and will do
the miracle, which is stay up. I honestly, totally believe it.”