Henry: Murphy’s just a big mouth

The Cottagers midfielder spoke out earlier in the season about
tough tackles, having seen team-mate Bobby Zamora suffer a broken
leg. That injury was sustained in a meeting with Wolves and Murphy
suggested that Mick McCarthy’s men can be overly physical at times.
Henry believes Wolves have been victimised ever since those
comments were made, with officials now looking to crack down hard
on a side they believe like to bend the rules. He feels Murphy
should have kept out of an issue which had little to do with him,
with Wolves having paid the price for his outburst. “We had seven
yellow cards [at Craven Cottage] and everything that has happened
after that has not helped our season,” said Henry. “Murphy’s
comments have changed the public perception of us and maybe the
referees’ perception of us, too. It’s taken us a long time to lose
that tag. [But] it’s been dragged up again because we were playing
Fulham. “We thought we had lost that tag a long time before we
played Newcastle away [on 2nd April]. It seems the referee up there
had it in his mind straight away that he was going to book us. “The
advice was to not do anything silly and not pick up any silly
yellow cards. We picked [them] up anyway. “The referee identified
that we were targeting Joey Barton. That was a load of rubbish.
That flatters Joey Barton a ridiculous amount because we don’t even
talk about him in our team talks.” Asked whether Murphy said
anything to him during Wolves’ 1-1 draw with Fulham on Saturday,
Henry replied: “Not really, there was nothing much said on the
pitch. “I think he’s just a bit of a big mouth. He doesn’t really
want to say much on it. He just says it off it.”