Harry: Semis shouldn’t be at Wembley

Redknapp’s Spurs side take on his former club Portsmouth in
Sunday’s second last-four encounter at the national stadium. The FA
have played the semis at Wembley since 2008 in a bid to raise extra
funds to offset the estimated £900million cost of the stadium.
Redknapp finds this disappointing, telling the London Evening
Standard: “I was there with Portsmouth two years ago and it was
great to get two trips to Wembley. When you are involved in it, you
take it. “But over the years, when you are talking about the FA
Cup, I would still prefer the semi-finals to be played at neutral
grounds. “You certainly don’t want to lose in the semi-finals when
they’re played at Wembley. It’s okay being there but you don’t want
to get beaten, especially when you are the favourites, as we were
with Portsmouth in 2008. “We had beaten Manchester United in the
quarter-finals and we were the only Premier League club left in the
competition, so there was undoubtedly pressure on us to beat West
Brom on that day.”